Board of Trustees

Board Meetings are held (January-the 4th Monday, all other months-the 3rd Monday) at 4:00 p.m. in the Board Room at the Main Library Office located at 201 South Fountain Ave., Springfield, Ohio.

All Board Meetings are open to the public.
Trustees are appointed for seven-year terms ending on July 29th of appointment term.  Appointments are alternated between the Court of Common Pleas and the Clark County Commission.  This arrangement may be found in Section 3375 of the Ohio Revised Code. Section 3375 of the Ohio Revised Code covers libraries and is our governing authority.  Clark County Public Library is a County District Library as described in the Ohio Revised Code.
3 Trustees are appointed by the Court of Common Pleas
4 Trustees are appointed by the Clark County Commission
Those interested in placing their name in line for possible appointment to the position of Trustee Library Board Member should contact:
Clark County Commissioners, (937) 521-2005 or
Clark County Court of Common Pleas, Courthouse, (937) 521-1680
Appointments are usually made during June or July of each year.
Board of Trustees
Daniel A. Haemmerle
Lisa Henry
Shane Latham
Vice President
Walt Szczesny
Sheila Rice
Dan O'Keefe
Maureen Sheehan Massaro