Account Info. Available by Text and Email Beginning December 3rd

Cell Phone PictureBeginning December 3rd, you will have the option to receive information about your library account via text messaging.

With this option, you will receive information about your holds, due dates and overdue items.

You can also choose to receive e-receipts when you check out or renew your items.  We can also send you an e-receipt for fine or replacement payments.

Please be aware that by choosing to receive text messages, you will receive one text message for each individual item involved in the transaction. (ex. If you have 10 books overdue, you will get 10 text messages, one for each book).  Note:  Your carrier's text messaging rates will apply.

If you wish to receive text notices and e-receipts you can log into your account to change how we contact you.  Remember to add your mobile number and carrier.  You can also stop by any Clark County Public Library location and request the change.

Even if you choose to receive text updates regarding yor holds, due dates and overdue items, you can still get notifications via email or phone.  However, if you do not choose to receive text notifications, you will have to choose between email or phone calls.

This is completely optional.  If you are happy with the way we communicate with you about your account, you do not have to do anything.