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Join guitarist Keith Lykins for a Spring concert in the Main Library rotunda.  Stop by to hear Keith perform original compositions on the 9 string slap guitar, an instrument which he invented.

The Drum Guitar
The DAGR9 or  Nine String Drum Accoustic Guitar is an instrument created by Keith Lykins. It incorporates aspects of accoustic slap guitar with synthesized percussive sounds. The three bass strings are doubled. The tuning of these six strings varies, at times tuned in octaves, in fourths or whatever tuning is called for given the compositional or arrangement requirements. Keith plays a variety of pieces originally composed or arranged for the DAGR9. It is a truly unique, one of a kind instrument in construction and sound. Keith regularly performs with this instrument as well as the traditional 6 string steel and classical guitars.

This program will take place at the Main Library, 201 South Fountain Avenue, Springfield, OH.  Please call (937) 328-6907 for more information.

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