Homework Help

Girl wroking at a computerStruggling with a tough assignment?  Bored with your textbooks and looking for a new perspective?  Can't get to the library for reference help?  Try one of the sites on our homework help list.
This service offers homework assistance from librarians, the original information experts.  We feature live, online professional tutors from 2:00 PM - Midnight.  Ask to be connected to a tutor for help with all of your homework - even Math!
High School Hub
This site was made for high school teens and includes sections that were written by teens.  It is easy to use and navigate and even offers poetry sections and games for a change of pace if you feel like you are drowning in homework.
The Reference Desk for your Home
You have to hang in there for this page - there is a ton of information and it might seem hard to navigate.  But you can find almost anything you would ever need from how to do a bibliography to an online dictionary and calculator to a quote of the day which you can use to impress your parents or teachers.  This is probably the site all librarians wish everyone used if they couldn't come to the library.
Want to do an A+ job without going nuts?
The name of this site says it all - easy and reasonable suggestions and aid for research papers and high school projects that won't drive you crazy.  This site has lots of great links to other web resources to help teens write papers.
Wanna Go to College?
Do you want to go to college but aren't sure how to get financial aid or write an outstanding application essay that will set you apart?  The library has books that can help you find the college of your dreams, and get into it.  But you can also try these web sites for information and advice, as well as financial aid tips.
Learn A Test
LearningExpress Library provides a completely interactive online learning platform of practice tests and tutorial course series designed to help patrons, students, and adult learners succeed on the academic or licensing tests they must pass.
Next Step Magazine: Life After High School
This page is terrific not only for students considering four year colleges but also those who may be interested in community colleges, 2 year programs, or vocational programs.  It also helps you consider careers - what you might actually DO with that college degree.
The Department of Education - Government Advice about Colleges
This is a site sponsored by the United States government to encourage high school students to consider college. There is a wealth of information about how to access government funding and resources.  This is also another excellent resource for those considering higher education that is not a four year college program.
College Teen Ink Magazine
There are free copies of Teen Ink Magazine in the teen room - it is a magazine written by and for teens.  The college section of their web page is terrific - full of real college essays and applications, advice written by first year college students, and lots of information for those who are either thrilled or terrified by the idea of college.