Romance Authors to Tickle Your Funnybone

Authors for those that like a little laugh with their romance:
Andersen, Susan
Banks, Leanne
Berg, Patti
Bevarly, Elizabeth
Cabot, Meg
Carmichael, Emily
Civil-Brown, Sue
Criswell, Millie
Crusie, Jennifer
Donovan, Susan
Evanick, Marcia
Fforde, Katie
Fielding, Liz
Finnamore, Suzanne
Gibson, Rachel
Grayson, Kristine
Heller, Jane
Hill, Sandra
Holden, Wendy
Jones, Luanne
Kenner, Julie
Keyes, Marian
Kistler, Julie
Medeiros, Teresa
Michaels, Kasey
Michaels, Lynn
North, Hailey
Ortolon, Julie
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth
Quinn, Julia
Ridgway, Christie
Schulze, Dallas
Wells, Robin
Winders, Jill
Zigman, Laura
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