Sue Grafton Read Alikes

Have you made your way through Grafton's alphabet?  You can count on these authors for more crime-solving adventures.  Authors followed by an * are located in the Fiction section.  All others can be found in the Mysteries.

Ayres, Noreen
Barnes, Linda
Barr, Nevada
Beck, K. K.
Bland, Eleanor Taylor
Cody, Liz
Conant, Susan
Cross, Amanda
D’Amato, Barbara
Davidson, Diane Mott
Dawson, Janet
Dunlap, Susan
Evanovich, Janet*
Forrest, Katherine
Grant, Linda
Hager, Jean
Hess, Joan
Kijewski, Karen
Lutz, Lisa*
Maron, Margaret
Muller, Marcia
O’Callaghan, Maxine
Paretsky, Sara
Pickard, Nancy
Simonson, Sheila
Smith, Julie
Stabenow, Dana
Van Gieson, Judith
Wolzien, Valerie
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