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Spotlight on ALFRED HITCHCOCKVertigo Movie Poster

Filmmaker and cultural icon Alfred Hitchcock shocked and puzzled audiences for nearly 50 years. From his first full-length thriller, The Lodger (1927), a silent film based on the Jack the Ripper murders, to his last film, Family Plot (1976), a comedy/thriller in which a fake psychic hunts down a wealthy woman’s estranged nephew, Hitchcock reconfigured cinematic boundaries finding how to best keep audiences glued to their seats and out of their heads.

With more than 56 films and an eponymous show to his credit, Hitchcock’s work remains relevant and continues to inspire successive generations of Hollywood filmmakers.

Want to find out more about our Spotlight Director?  Download a PDF copy of The Films of Alfred Hitchcock brochure, reserve a copy of Hitchcock, Alfred Hitchcock: A Life In Darkness and Light, It's Only a Movie: Alfred HItchcock, a Personal Biography or visit his Internet Movie Database (IMDB) page for biographical information, trailers and more.