Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Clark County Public Library is a separate, non-profit organization with a constitution and by-laws, whose purpose is to promote the interest and welfare of the Library as a cultural, educational, and recreational asset for all of the citizens of Clark County.  The Friends help the library in ways, and on projects that are not covered by the library budget or by staff assignments.  They work closely with Library Director, Sally Rizer, and the library staff to provide fundraising and advocacy support.

What can I do as a Friend of the Library?
Your membership dues and additional contributions will help pilot new library acquisitions and pay for programs and services that make our libraries a great resource and a positive experience.  Most of all, your participation can bring fresh ideas to promote interest in the Clark County Public Library.
Your contribution of time and money will not only benefit the Library, but all of Clark County.  Your interest in using the Main Library, one of its Branches, or the Bookmobile, will encourage your family and friends to seek their own educational or recreational opportunities.
We hope that you are as passionate about our libraries as we are.  Join the Friends of the Library today and help keep our libraries vital.
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